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09th May 2020

Twinning: H&M has a new collection of matching swimwear for the whole family

We never say no to a good twinning opportunity.

Which is why we are currently obsessed with this new family swimwear collection from H&M.

I mean – just look: The entire family can now hit the beach (or, you know, blow-up pool in the back garden) wearing matching tie-dye bathing suits, bikinis or swimming shorts.


Even better? This entire stylish beachwear collection is made from recycled PET bottles.

No, really – it’s true. The old PET bottles are recycled into new polyester, which is a more sustainable material than conventional polyester, and helps to prevent the plastic bottles ending up in a landfill.

How is that for feel-good fashion?

Note: The shoes and accessories aren’t made from recycled PET bottles — but they are made from more than 50 percent organic, recycled or sustainably sourced materials.

Made for lazy days in the sun, the collection features fun sporty styles, tie-dye blues and pops of neon.

Now – who’s ready for a dip?