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06th Apr 2022

Thriftify is having a Luxury Second-hand Stock Drop this Thursday and yes please

Melissa Carton

Set your alarm now!

Thriftify is launching an exciting new initiative focusing on showcasing the best of the best of luxury stock we have been compiling and curating in the lead up to this launch.

Charity shops frequently acquire high-value luxury products that are never seen by the public, weekly stock drops on Thriftify will make luxury second hand shopping accessible to all.

The first donation consists of thousands of luxury items that have been donated to NCBI through Thriftify and it will drop at 6 pm on Thursday April 7.

There will be a range of coveted luxury items available, from designer ball gowns to accessories, handbags, shoes, and apparel.

Prices start from €50 all the way up to a vintage Chanel jacket worth €12000.

Labels include Fendi, Dolce and Gabbana, Off White, and many more.

All items are a fraction of the recommended retail price so customers will be able to nab luxury items at knockdown prices for up to 70 per cent off so this is one sale not to be missed.

Speaking about the new stock drops THRIFTIFY’S CEO and climate change activist Ronan O Dalaigh said;

“Our mission is to change how and why the world shops and for us this is a very exciting step in that direction.

The benefits of buying second hand are endless, however there is still a stigma around shopping from charities.

We plan on shifting this consumer mindset by highlighting the incredible designer gems that can be found in charity shops”

Lucky customers will be able to shop Thriftify’s exclusive luxury drops with hundreds of items going live on the Thriftify website every Thursday, at 6 pm.

The drops will feature luxury items such as authentic products from Chanel, Gucci, Dior, Burberry, Balmain, Versace, Prada, and scores of other luxury brands.

So what are you waiting for hop online on the 7th and grab some guilt free sustainable fashion goodies for yourself!