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21st Nov 2021

You can now buy a HALF-KILO Ferrero Rocher – just in time for Christmas

Trine Jensen-Burke

You can now buy a HALF-KILO Ferrero Rocher - just in time for Christmas

Yes, please.

Christmas is a time for indulgence, and speaking of – I think we just found this season’s must-have stocking filler.

A UK gourmet brownie company has created a giant half-kilo Ferrero Rocher – and honestly, it is now all we can think of.

The famous taste of Ferrero Rocher is, of course, adored by chocolate-lovers all over the world, and now, as if our collective prayers have been heard, it is available in giant form from gourmet dessert makers Bad Brownie – and can be yours for £26 this Christmas.

The giant Brownie-fied interpretation of this iconic Italian chocolate comes with a single Ferrero Rocher nestled inside a deeply satisfyingly crispy layer of Nutella-flavoured milk chocolate wafer.

This, then, is wrapped around Bad Brownie’s signature fudge-y brownie, which has been mixed with handfuls of caramelised hazelnuts for just a little dabble of crunch coupled with a crispy layer of hazelnut praline.

And oh my God, according to the creators, the finishing touch sees the rich treat dipped into a silky smooth layer of creamy milk chocolate, before being topped with a fine golden dust to mimic the lustrous look of a Ferrero Rocher’s metallic foil wrap.

Sounds like heaven? We know.

If you fancy one yourself or know someone who would, the Giant Ferrero Rocher-inspired brownie is an online exclusive and will be available to order shortly from

They currently only ship to the UK, including Northern Ireland, so if that’s where you happen to be, you know what to do.