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07th Jan 2022

11oz baby becomes the smallest tot to survive in the UK

“She came out fighting for her life”

The parents of an 11oz baby are stunned their little miracle tot has survived.

Baby Hannah Stibbles was born via emergency C-section on December 30th, 2021.

She was just 25 weeks old when her mum Ellie Paton welcomed her into the world.

Ellie was told that because her daughter was premature and weighed so little, her chances of survival were bleak.

She had a 20% chance of survival.

However, tiny Hannah defied the odds.

Doctors were pleasantly surprised to see the little baby thrive, despite weighing just 325g.

They believed Hannah would need to be instantly resuscitated after Ellie gave birth. However, the baby was breathing on her own.

According to the Daily Record, baby Hannah is believed to be the smallest baby to ever survive in the UK.

The Scottish mum couldn’t help but gush about her little tot.

They said baby Hannah is so small she fits in the palm of her hand.

She told the publication, “We are so proud of her. She came out fighting for her life and proved everyone wrong.

The new mum added, “She is a wee smasher.”

Ellie was diagnosed with preeclampsia prior to Hannah’s birth. The doctors explained to the 17-year-old that there was a problem with her placenta and it was no longer feeding her baby the way it should be.

However, Ellie knew her baby girl was a fighter from the moment she was born.

“As soon as she was born they took her to NICU but she didn’t need to be resuscitated so that gave us hope straight away. We knew she was a fighter.”

The mother said they are taking things one day at a time, but Hannah is thriving already.

Feature Image: Ellie Paton