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20th Jun 2023

Andrew McGinley shares emotional update after visiting his children’s grave

Andrew McGinley has shared an emotional update after visiting his children’s grave.

The dad, who lost his sons Darragh and Conor and daughter Carla in January 2020, posted a moving photo of three white feathers on their grave.

Andrew McGinley posted about the emotional moment on his Twitter page following the visit.

The dad explained that he usually sees three deer when he is out, but this morning he only saw one.


Andrew then visited his children’s graves and found three white feathers waiting for him.

He said he doesn’t usually believe in signs but this was one he couldn’t ignore.

“Only 1 deer when I usually see 3. Yet I call into the grave and there are 3 feathers sitting there,” he wrote.

“No other feathers anywhere to be seen on any of the surrounding graves. A breeze coming down from the hills so they should blow away.”

The dad added, “I don’t believe in signs but sometimes…”

Andrew’s followers encouraged him to believe in the signs.

One said, “I believe our loved ones are with us in some way and Conor Darragh, and Carla were so loved.”

Another added, “They are always with you…I’m a scientist so I shouldn’t believe in signs, but I do!”

“I’m a huge believer in signs, whatever gives a wee bit of comfort,” another shared.

Many agreed that the sign would have been a huge comfort for Andrew as he marked another Father’s Day without his beloved children.

Conor, Darragh, and Carla were tragically killed by their mother Deirdre Morley in January 2020. The mum is currently in custody at the Central Mental Hospital in Dublin.


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