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20th Jun 2023

Mrs Hinch reveals her son Ronnie has been diagnosed with Kawasaki disease

Mrs Hinch has confirmed her son Ronnie has been diagnosed with Kawasaki disease after he was rushed to hospital earlier this month.

The influencer opened up about her son’s rare diagnosis after a tough few weeks in hospital. The mum updated her followers after doctors confirmed her son Ronnie could finally go home.

Mrs Hinch said her family is finally together again in the emotional Instagram post.

“We have spent the past 10 days living what felt like a real-life nightmare,” she shared.

Sophie explained that Ronnie was given IV antibiotics but nothing was making him feel better and her son deteriorated.

“The incredible doctors and nurses started every blood test and scan you can imagine. We paced rooms and corridors for days just waiting for an answer, a result … anything!

Doctors diagnosed her son with Kawasaki disease, which is a rare, noncontagious disease that only affects around eight in every 100,000 children under the age of five in the UK.

The disease causes blood vessels to swell throughout the body. It can also impact the blood vessels that supply your heart with blood if it isn’t treated quickly.


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Sophie urged parents to look out for the following symptoms- a persistent high temperature, body rash, swelling and then peeling of the hands and feet, red blistered lips, bloodshot eyes, strawberry tongue, inflamed sore throat, and swollen lymph glands.

“We paced rooms and corridors for days just waiting for an answer, a result … anything!”

The mum said her son’s diagnosis and hospital stay has “shaken our whole world as a family” but she is relieved to know Ronnie can finally come home.

She praised the hospital staff who took such great care of her little boy and for “answering our prayers”.

The mum also asked for people to come forward if they have been impacted by Kawasaki disease.

“If anyone reading this is a parent/carer of a child with Kawasaki disease Jamie and I would be so so grateful to hear from you and your story. I will do all that I can to help raise awareness of this disease that to this day still has no explained cause.”


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