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16th Feb 2024

Mrs Hinch reveals genius hack that will stop your children from losing their favourite toys

Kat O'Connor

Parents are raving about this new tip from Mrs Hinch

Influencer, Mrs Hinch has revealed a pretty clever hack that will stop your little ones from losing their favourite toys on holidays.

Travelling with kids is never an easy thing for parents. They have way too many belongings and you simply don’t have enough hands to carry everything.

We bring everything and the kitchen sink on family trips, but there is one thing that is the most important (apart from our passports).

Our children’s favourite toys.

They don’t go anywhere without their favourite teddy, but we can’t help but worry about them losing it.

Luckily, Mrs Hinch has ensured that this never happens with her genius new hack.

She took to her Instagram to reveal the clever parenting tip.

She explained that she stitches an Apple air tag into each of her son’s cuddly toys to ensure they can always keep track of them even if they get lost.

Mrs Hinch wrote: “Holiday Prep! We cannot lose Ron’s and Len’s bunnies. They are like gold in this house’ – and we can totally relate.”

The clever idea is certainly going to make our lives easier and our holidays a little less stressful.

There’s nothing worse than the look on your kid’s face when they lose their favourite toy, but this hack is bound to stop it from ever happening.