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22nd Feb 2018

‘Cameras up our skirts’… What Holly experienced on her way home from the BRITs

Cameras were held low to get a photo up our skirts

Olivia Hayes

She hits the nail on the head.

Last night, many stars lined the red carpet in London for the BRIT Awards.

They donned beautiful gowns and held white roses as they walked the carpet, photographers flashing their cameras and the stars flashing their white smiles.

The ladies of the hour held the roses for a special reason – the #TimesUp movement. They held them to be in solidarity with each other and all women around the world who have experienced sexual harassment.

However, Holly Willoughby took to Instagram this evening to call out the photographers who tried to snap photos at the end of the night.

As celebs left the venue of the after-party, paps tried to take pictures up the ladies’ skirts… and the This Morning presenter is pretty saddened by it.

On her Instagram page, she wrote: “At the beginning of the night we held white roses and walked down a red carpet full of the hope and pride that comes with the #timesup campaign.

“At the end of the night, cameras were held low to get a photo up our skirts… times apparently up on #timesup.”

Many women backed Holly in the comments section of her post, agreeing that this type of behaviour should not be tolerated.

One user said: “Men never have photographers trying to get a shot of the inside of their pants so why should we as women be subjected to such disgusting behaviour. If the photographers want to see a fanny they should look in the mirror! It makes me so mad.”

While another wrote: “This is disgusting why couldn’t they just leave it with the pictures at the start?! You guys are human so what if you want a drink they certainly shouldn’t be abusing the fact.”

Is time up on #TimesUp?