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06th Jul 2018

Church asks patrons to cut down on Holy Water during heatwave

Waste not, want not.

Paul Moore

You just have to love Ireland.

Moses could part the Red Sea. Jesus Christ could turn water into wine and Our Lord and Saviour was even able to walk on water, but it appears that divine inspiration is needed in Ireland right now.

With the national hosepipe ban coming into effect from today, Irish Water have urged the public to conserve water as best as they can.

Granted, this usually extends to practical things like a temporary hiatus on activities like watering your garden, cleaning your car with a hose, filling up a paddling pool etc, but every little drop that’s saved can help – even if that means that Catholics will have no temporary protection against evil.

With water restrictions currently in place in 14 different counties, some people might be praying that we’re back to normal soon but the parishioners of St Joseph’s Church in Clarina, Co Limerick won’t be leaving anything to chance.

As you can see in the image below that was sent into our colleagues at by reader Ray, churchgoers are being asked to keep it holy by only using one sprinkle of Holy Water per visit.

In fact, since Ray originally sent us in this picture, he has reliably informed us that the warning has now been extended to one sprinkle per family.

There are time when you really have to love Ireland and this is definitely one of them.