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14th Feb 2018

Couple plans surprise proposals for each other… and do it at the same time

Jade Hayden

There’s meant to be and then there’s this.

If you’ve ever planned a proposal, you’ll probably know that a good bit of work goes into it.

You’ve got to decide on a venue, figure out what you’re going to say, get a ring, get some prosecco or something, hope that they’ll say yes, come up with an escape route if they say no…

See? A lot of work.

One thing you generally don’t have to worry about though is your partner planning the exact same thing for the exact same day.

Nobody’s that in tune with the person they’re in a relationship, right?

Sure that wouldn’t be possible.

Well, as it turns out, it is, because it happened to Tori and Berkley in Texas over the weekend and it’s safe to say that they were both fairly floored by what went down.

The proposal in question happened when the two women were playing Pictionary.

When Berkley turned around, Tori got down on one knee to pop the question.

It was then that somebody told Berkley to take out the ring she was about to give Tori.

You couldn’t make it up, lads.

The couple shared their proposal video on Twitter (aptly called ‘Double Lesbian Pictionary Proposal,’ by the way), along with the photos of their rings, and some selfies where they clearly look delighted.

Wouldn’t you be, like?

Everybody in attendance, understandably, freaks out, Tori and Berkley are delighted, and somebody asks whether they should crack open the champagne.

Yes, lads, you absolutely should.

The ladies are planning on getting married late next year.

We just hope they don’t end up wearing the same outfit. Mort.