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13th Apr 2019

Emmerdale reveals Liv’s next move after blackmailing Maya Stepney

Keeley Ryan

Looks like Maya’s days in the village are numbered.

Emmerdale has revealed Liv Flaherty’s next move after she blackmailed Maya Stepney after finding her in Jacob Gallagher’s bed.

Thursday’s dramatic double-bill saw Liv finally find out the truth.  She then ordered the teacher to pay £5,000 for her to keep her silence, knowing that the funds could help Robert Sudden and Aaron Dingle’s surrogacy plan.

However, on Friday’s episode, Jacob paid a visit to Mill Cottage to apologise to Liv for how he’d been treating her over the last few weeks. He told her about how his relationship with Maya began and, as he left, seemed hopeful Liv had calmed down and wouldn’t tell anyone.

Once she was alone, Liv was seen playing back a recording o the conversation on her phone – getting the evidence that she needs.

Now, Emmerdale have revealed Liv’s next move – and how she increases the pressure on Jacob and Maya.

According to Metro, scenes set to air this week will see Jacob sneak into Pollard’s barn in search of cash – and Val’s ring, which he intends to pawn to raise the funds. But when Maya heads to meet Liv with the cash.

But Liv decides that she wants more, demanding £10,000 for her silence.

Later on, as Gabby and Liv spend time together, the teenager becomes overwhelmed and breaks down – will she finally tell someone what she saw?

It comes after Louisa Clein, who plays Maya, revealed someone is going to be proposing to her character – although she wouldn’t specify if it was David or Jacob who asks.

Louisa told What’s On TV:

“If it’s coming from David, there’s a question of how far Maya is willing to go to cover up the relationship with Jacob, or whether she is committed to Jacob and her promise that they will come out publicly – because she does want a future with him.

“They’ve decided that they’ll wait until he has finished school, and then come clean to everyone.”