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17th Oct 2018

Emmerdale’s Danny Miller quits Twitter following intense row with fan

Jade Hayden

Danny Miller has left Twitter following an intense row with a fan.

The Emmerdale actor had words with a user last night who made some untoward comments about his girlfriend, Nicola.

The tweets in question have since been deleted, but both Miller’s and his fans’ responses remain online.

Miller, who plays Aaron Dingle in the soap, wrote:

“You know it sounds bad, yet clicked send anyway?

“I see you’re a fan of the show, well I’d rather have no fans that an insecure WOMAN like you, sending a tweet so Awful. You’re blocked anyway babes.”

He added that he hoped the person in question didn’t have children “…because I’d hate for the next generation to look up to someone like you.”

Miller then said that he was “out,” called the person a “bellend,” and left.

This comes a couple of years after Miller was reportedly cheating on his then girlfriend Kirsty Leigh-Porter with another Emmerdale co-star.

He and Isabel Hodgins, who plays Victoria Sugden, are said to have had a secret relationship while Hodgins was also dating another Emmerdale co-star, Michael Parr.

The controversy is said to have caused massive divides on set, with many of the soap’s stars siding with Parr leaving Miller isolated.