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18th Jul 2022

Love Island’s Camilla Thurlow called ‘classless’ for breastfeeding baby in car

Camilla Thurlow has responded to trolls who called her classless for breastfeeding her baby in her car.

The mum posted a photo of her feeding her baby girl Nora, but one of her followers had a major issue with it.

They went as far as to message the mum to tell her how they felt about the photo.

Instead of ignoring them, Camilla Thurlow used the comment to raise awareness about breastfeeding. The former Love Island star said there is no shame in breastfeeding in public, but people continue to vilify you for doing it.

“I shared this on my stories earlier and someone sent me a message saying how ‘classless’ it was.

“It’s easy to end up sharing the highlights of parenting on here, but between the pretty reels are many moments, like this.”

“Like feeding in carparks, or pumping in bathroom stalls.”

Camilla explained that there are parts of motherhood that are not easy. “There are the days when you leave an hour early (despite getting no sleep) to try and time feeds right so your baby is settled for a meeting.

“Or stay up late when you’re utterly exhausted to wash your pump parts before work tomorrow.”

She explained how you barely get a moment to yourself because you’re constantly thinking about what needs to be done.

On top of all that, new mums have to deal with critical looks from people they don’t even know.

“I put that story up thinking there would be so many parents in a similar position today.

She shared it for the parents who are also feeding their baby, multi-tasking, and making things work.

Camilla explained that she posted the image because “that’s the reality and it’s important to share that.”

She also said that anyone who has an issue with her feeding her child needs to grow up.

“I think if you don’t like seeing a baby being fed – either by bottle or breast, whether in real life or on here – you need to grow up.

“Because we don’t need the added job of trying to work around you too.

“Let’s leave the business of behaving like a baby to the babies.”