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11th Nov 2022

David Walliams could be removed from Britain’s Got Talent following ‘offensive’ remarks

Charlie Herbert

Walliams made derogatory remarks about a female contestant and called a pensioner a ‘c**t’

Britain’s Got Talent bosses are reportedly considering David Walliams’ position as a judge on the show.

Leaked transcripts obtained by the Guardian this week revealed derogatory remarks made by Walliams towards contestants on the show.

The television personality and children’s author, who is a judge on the ITV talent show, was recorded referring to one contestant as a “c**t” and saying of another: “She thinks you want to f**k her, but you don’t.”

The offensive remarks were made during a recorded audition show at the London Palladium in January 2020.

It has now been reported that Walliams could be axed from Britain’s Got Talent following the controversy.

One source told the Mail: “This could not have come at a worse time in terms of his return to BGT, the discussions are going on right now so David’s remarks have now become a huge part of the conversation.

“He hasn’t signed any deal yet which has come as a relief because now there are options. It is a family show and this isn’t just a negative thing to happen, it is offensive to people.

“It has left David in a very precarious position. There are some people involved in the show who point blank don’t want him back, there is a danger of this incident becoming part of the BGT narrative and nobody wants that.”

The comedian and his fellow judges Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon are all yet to sign contracts for next year’s show, with negotiations ongoing.

The first incident of the offensive remarks was made about an older performer who engaged in some light hearted banter with the judges during which he made a jibe about Walliams.

Microphones used to capture discussion between the judges picked up Walliams calling the contestant a “c**t” three times.

The second incident occurred shortly after a female contestant auditioning on the same show had walked off stage. When her performance was over, Walliams remarked: “She’s like the slightly boring girl you meet in the pub that thinks you want to fuck them, but you don’t.”

Walliams reiterated: “She thinks you want to f**k her, but you don’t.”

He then added: “I know, she’s just like: ‘Oh, f**k off!’ I was saying, she thinks you want to f**k her, but you don’t. It’s the last thing on your mind, but she’s like: ‘Yep, I bet you do!’ ‘No I don’t!’ I had a bit of a boner, but now it’s going, it’s now shrivelled up inside my body.”

Lawyers for Walliams and Thames TV, the production company behind Britain’s Got Talent, say the comments were part of a private conversation never intended for broadcast.

In a statement the former Little Britain star said: “I would like to apologise to the people I made disrespectful comments about during breaks in filming for Britain’s Got Talent in 2020.

“These were private conversations and – like most conversations with friends – were never intended to be shared. Nevertheless, I am sorry.”

A spokesman for ITV said: “We do not condone the language outlined in these allegations and we have spoken to the producers of Britain’s Got Talent.”

Walliams has been a popular feature on Britain’s Got Talent since his introduction as a permanent judge on the show in 2012.

In 2020, he won the award for Best TV Judge at the National Television Awards, having scooped the prize in 2015, 2018 and 2019 as well.