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13th Oct 2023

Helen Skelton bravely opens up about the unexpected end of her marriage

Kat O'Connor

Helen Skelton was married to Richie Myler for nearly 10 years.

Presenter and former Blue Peter host, Helen Skelton, has bravely opened up about the end of her marriage.

Skelton’s marriage breakdown was splashed across the headlines last year when she confirmed to the public that her former husband had left their marital home, just months after the birth of their third child.

Skelton confirmed that Myler left their family home in April 2022. Their third child, a baby girl, was born the December before.

Speaking about the shocking end of their relationship, Skelton said it completely blindsided her.

In an excerpt from her memoir ‘In My Stride’, Skelton said she didn’t see it coming.

“I know that following break-ups, people often say they didn’t see it coming and it sounds like a cliche, but that was me.”

The breakup caused immense pain for Helen, but it also knocked her confidence. She explained that during Strictly Come Dancing training, she felt incredibly low and had little self-esteem.

“In week two, Gorka asked me why I didn’t feel sexy. It was an awkward question that immediately made me cringe.

“He was asking a woman with three children under six, whose husband had just left her and was with another woman, to be sexy.”

Helen said nobody “would feel good about themselves in that scenario”.

Despite the immense shock and heartbreak, the presenter said she wants her children to have a good relationship with their dad.

She has kept photos from her relationship with Richie because she wants her children to know things weren’t always bad.

“I want them to know that we loved each other, but things change and that’s OK too.”

In My Stride by Helen Skelton is available in bookshops now.