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26th May 2021

Husband’s brutally honest review of home makeover labelled ‘best reaction ever’

Charlie Herbert

He wore his heart on his sleeve.

A man left viewers in hysterics after he made zero attempt to hide his unhappiness on a home makeover show.

As the big reveal was made to John Geoghegan and wife’s home at the climax of the show, John was horrified to see that his bedroom had now been redecorated with yellow floral wallpaper and a blue wardrobe. Meanwhile his wife tries desperately to find the positives in the teletubby-style decor.

The clip is from an episode of BBC One’s Your Home In Their Hands, and saw four decorators compete to create the best design for the couple’s bedroom.

As wife Rachel starts off by saying that she “likes the wardrobe,” John quickly retorts: “Nah, it’s too much. For me it’s too busy. I wouldn’t have done anything like it and I don’t like it.”

He didn’t stop there either.

“You’re supposed to be able to go to sleep in a bedroom and it’s like a kids’ play area,” he continued.

“I think it looks horrendous, it doesn’t look anything like a bedroom. So sorry, but it’s a big thumbs down from me.

“It’s hideous. I think it’s even too much for Rachel if she was to tell the truth.”

Whilst presenter Celia Sawyer tries to work on getting Rachel on side, John simply describes the blueberry-and-custard makeover as “rank.”

He’s sharp of wit aswell is John. Asked if they will keep the new design he replies “not for long,” and says that his message to the designer would be: “Don’t touch the other room.”

The clip regained popularity after it was shared on Twitter, and has since been viewed 1.3 million time and liked over 43,000 times.

Let’s be honest, John is bang on the money as well. In what world would you want a bedroom with decor that looks like its taken straight from In The Night Garden?