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07th Sep 2023

Andy will reportedly return with his family in Toy Story 5

Jody Coffey

Cue the waterworks.

Toy Story fans have been speculating whether or not the fifth installment of the franchise would see the return of Andy, the little boy who owned all the toys that stole our hearts.

We watched him grow up over the course of three exciting and tear-jerking adventure movies, and, at the end of Toy Story 3, Andy and Woody, as well as the rest of the gang, parted ways as Andy left for college.

Now, according to the DisInsider, he is all grown up with a family of his own and will be making a return to Toy Story 5 with an ‘integral role.’

While still unconfirmed by Pixar or Disney, it remains to be seen as to how Andy, his family, and Woody will return or what the plot line will be. However, the idea alone of this nostalgic reunion is enough to get us invested in Toy Story 5, despite how much of an emotional gut-punch it was when they said their emotional goodbyes

Another plot line that demands attention is Woody’s decision to become a ‘lost toy’ with Bo Peep at the end of Toy Story 4, so here’s hoping it all worked out for the two.

Official confirmation on the storyline has yet to be revealed and we likely won’t get any further teasers on it until the D23Expo in 2024.

However, speaking on the route Toy Story 5 will go down, Pete Doctor, Pixar CEO, did say: “I think it’ll be surprising. It’s got some really cool stuff that you haven’t seen before.”

A release date for Toy Story 5 has yet to be announced by Disney. However, we are ready to be patient with this one given how long it takes to recover after watching the one before it.

I’m sure that by the time it comes out, I’ll be ready to be hurt again.