10 autumnal baby names perfect for your September-born baby 2 weeks ago

10 autumnal baby names perfect for your September-born baby

These names are perfect for babies born in September.

September is the first autumn month. The month when the trees slowly start changing their colour, and the month when we officially all start getting excited about hibernation, about cosying up at home, about the prospect of both Halloween and holiday season around the corner.

And, if you are also preparing for the arrival of a new family member in September, we have rounded up some gorgeous names perfect for an early autumn baby:

1. Linden

Several trees produce a beautifully coloured array of fallen leaves in autumn, and Linden is one of these.

2. Rowan

Rowan is the name of the flowering tree with tiny red berries.

3. Ash

Another tree name we think work equally well as a human first name.


4. Embla

In Norse mythology, Embla was the first woman, and her name comes from the Old Norse word for 'elm.'

5. Lennox

Lennox is a Gaelic baby name, which means  something like: "lives near the place abounding in elm trees."

6. Rhea

Rhea, meaning ‘a flowing stream’ conjured up images of peaceful, woodland streams, passing the trees in autumn bloom.

7. Persephone

Persephone is the name of the goddess of Harvest in Greek mythology.


8. Aster

Aster is a name that comes from the modern, everyday Greek word for "star" which is "asteri."

9. Saffron

This rich, golden colour reminds us of fall or autumn.

10. Oakley

If you find Oak too simple for a first name, go with Oakley, the English name that means ‘oak clearing.’