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19th Oct 2022

Jennifer Zamparelli says she’s open to adopting in the future

Kat O'Connor

Jennifer Zamparelli is a mum to two kids.

Jennifer Zamparelli has opened up about expanding her family in the future.

The radio presenter is a mum to 7-year-old Florence and 4-year-old Enzo.

After welcoming her second child, Zamparelli decided to have surgery to stop her from having more children.

The mum confirmed she had her tubes tied, but is open to having more children.

Speaking on Amy Huberman’s podcast, the DJ said;

“I said to the surgeon like while you are down there, you might as well.


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“I talk about it quite a lot on my radio show, and Cormac Battle openly says he’s had the snip.”

Zamparelli admitted that it was the right decision, but it was an option that was “thrown at me in my worst possible state”.

Her husband Lau only wants two children, but Jennifer said she’s open to having more.

She may not be able to conceive naturally, but she said there are other options for her.

“It’s unlike the snip because it is not reversible. Like it is a huge thing to have done.”

“I’m really happy with the two kids but who’s to say down the line that I won’t foster or adopt, which might be an option.”