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11th Jul 2023

Jennifer Zamparelli reveals she dumped her husband over text before their wedding

Jennifer Zamparelli has shared that she dumped her husband over text before the two ended up getting married.

The 2FM presenter married Lauterio Zamparelli almost 10 years ago and the pair has since welcomed two children together, but Jennifer has now revealed their relationship could’ve gone a different route.

While discussing break-ups on the show, Jennifer told listeners she split up with her now husband in the most awkward way possible.

“I broke up with Lau over text once – obviously that didn’t go great as we are now married with two kids and a dog,” Jennifer said. “But is there an ideal way to do it?”

“I sound like my mother on today’s show but she was right when she said that time is a healer.

“Fill that time with seeing your friends, going for massages, getting your hair done, taking yourself out for lunch, book a holiday, maybe get yourself a little Yorkshire Terrier. That’s what I did. I did get a dog when I broke up. I did. Probably not the ideal time.”

She also added that while it may be a difficult thing to do, blocking or muting exes on social media might be the best way to go, adding “that’s really really hard to do. There is that period where you’re doubting your decision.

“It’s very good advice to block everything and mute everything and then you’re not triggered or you see them doing something amazing.”

Thankfully for Jennifer, things worked out in her favour and she and Lauterio ended up getting married in 2014 before welcoming their two children, Enzo and Florence.