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23rd Feb 2022

Kate Garraway responds to claims she “paraded husband Derek” around

Kat O'Connor

Kate explained that she is very protective of her husband.

Kate Garraway has responded to concerns that she is “parading” her sick husband Derek around.

Ahead of her documentary about her husband’s battle with Covid, one person said they don’t like how Kate has put the spotlight on Derek.

They said: “I genuinely hope he makes as full a recovery as possible. Sadly I still can’t reconcile how Derek’s alleged inability to communicate ties in with him consenting to Kate parading him in front of the public.

“That’s never sat comfortably with me,” they added.

In response to the concerns, Kate simply told the person to watch her documentary.

During the documentary, Kate explained that she is very protective of her husband.

She said she wouldn’t ever film unless Derek wanted her to.

Kate explained that she is “very protective about people seeing [Derek] vulnerable, but I’ve talked to him a lot about this”.

“And I think he understands we have to make it real because this is the reality of life for people that are caring.”

“It’s the reality of recovering from a life-changing event,” she explained.

One of the crew filming the documentary asked Derek if filming will help him and if he wanted to keep filming and he simply said, “yes”.

Viewers praised Caring for Derek for its honest portrayal of being a carer.

One said it was vital for raising awareness about the reality of recovering from Covid-19.

Carol Vorderman said, “Just watched Caring For Derek. What a wonderful human being our Kate Garraway is, and has always been. I hope the treatment works and life improves for Derek and their lovely family.”

“As a carer myself, Kate’s story draws many parallels to my own and I applaud her honesty,” another said.