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02nd May 2016

Father Arrested After Allegedly Leaving 8-Month-Old Baby Alone in Car

Sophie White

A 25-year-old, father from Los Angeles has been arrested after allegedly leaving his 8-month-old baby daughter alone in an unlocked car for 90 minutes while he went to the gym.

The Los Angeles Times reported that the car’s engine was left running in a garage outside the gym.

Shocked and concerned passersby noticed the child was crying and were able to offer the baby comfort as the car doors were unlocked.

Father, Solomon Allen, a personal trainer, was apparently meeting with a client in the Hollywood gym while he left his daughter alone last Friday.

Police were called to the scene.

Officer Drake Madison told the Los Angeles Times: ‘The car was unlocked; citizens were able to safely remove the infant.’

The infant was taken to a nearby hospital while Allen was arrested on suspicion of child endangerment.

The baby’s mother was notified and arrived shortly after to collect her daughter; Allen was held by authorities with bail set at $100,000.