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21st Aug 2023

Mum explains why you should always use ‘guided access’ on your phone

If we’re going to listen to any hack on TikTok, it’s definitely one that we get some peace and quiet out of.

As much as we love our children, sometimes we just want some time to ourselves where they aren’t hounding us for a go on our phones.

One mum has taken to TikTok to explain why we need to be using “guided access” on our iPhones and how it can stop our children from asking us to do a million and one things for them while they’re playing on our phones.

The mum began the video by saying: “Mom hack. Go to setting accessibility and click on ‘Guided Access’ and turn it on.

“Go to the video you want your child to watch and put it on full screen.”

She goes on to explain that you need to “triple click your power button” and then click “options” before turning “touch” off.

@theyknowjess0 I know I can’t be the only one that didn’t knew this, all credits to my friends though!! #fypシ #babytiktok #hacks ♬ original sound – Apple User248374716

“Hit ‘Start’ and enter your password,” she adds in her step-by-step lowdown.

And just like that, the feature locks the screen so that your little one can’t accidentally exit the video while watching it and need to come to you to get it back on the screen.

“Your child will no longer bother you to go back to the YouTube video screen,” the mum says.

The hack is just as simple to switch off when you need to either get the next video up or to use your phone yourself.

Again, triple click the lock button and enter your password. Then, you hit “touch” back on and then “enter” at the top corner.

The woman ends the video saying: “Great job! I needed to know this a year ago…”

And the mum wasn’t the only one impressed by the hack as one other TikTok user said: “Thank you for this! My daughter always ends up calling people.”

“This just changed my life forever,” a second said. “You a real one!”