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19th Oct 2015

Here’s a genius IRISH invention you need to know exists

Trine Jensen-Burke

If you ever suffered from morning sickness when pregnant (*shudders at the memories) or have children who get motion sickness when inside any moving vehicle, you know how this can end up getting in the way of being able to do what you want to do – when you want to do it.

This too was reality for mum of two, Carrie Doorley, when motion sickness caused problems for her son on even the shortest of car journeys. But necessity, they say, is the mother of invention, and so Doorley, a full-time X-ray Department Manager and part-time dry stock farmer from Kilkenny, set her sight on taking the trauma out of her son’s motion sickness for the entire family.

With help and advice from others suffering from travel sickness, nausea during pregnancy and those undergoing cancer treatment, Doorley came up with the QueezyBag. But not just a plastic sick-bag, this sealable smartie features a twist and seal mechanism which locks in the mess and results in no spills, no smells and ultimately, no panic. Genius.


At the recent Pregnancy & Baby Fair at the RDS Doorley was spurred on by the positive reaction from the public.

“We looked at different prototypes and I’m thrilled with the end result,” Doorley explains. “The response from industry has been very encouraging and we’re rolling the product out in pharmacies across the south east first. A number of local pharmacies now have them in stock, as well as a medical clinic in Kilkenny city.”

The product can also be purchased online for the very reasonable sum of €3.99 plus postage per pack of 3

“QueezyBags won’t stop people feeling nauseous or getting sick,” Doorley explains.  “But they will take the panic out of it for people and allow them to get rid of the mess discreetly. Our son Liam is now 8 but suffered terribly from motion sickness. You could see the dread in his face anytime we were heading off anywhere in the car. And getting a valet was costing us €70 a go.”

The beauty about the clever invention is how the bags fit discreetly into a handbag, a backpack or school bag, a briefcase or a glove compartment, into the seat pocket or car door compartment.

“Anyone from aged 2 upwards can use them,” says Doorley. “Life is busy, don’t hold back’ is our motto, and our ultimate goal is to ensure that QueezyBags are the compact, clean and convenient way to make sure that those who suffer from nausea and sickness for whatever reason and for whatever length of time can just get on with life.”

QueezyBags are launching nation-wide before Christmas.