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30th Dec 2018

An Irish company makes gorgeous planners that’ll help you get organised for 2019

Amy Nolan

Take the new year by storm!

We’re at the very tail end of 2018 and as most of us lead hectic lives, it’s always good to consider how we can better organise our schedules, avoid forgetting important dates and generally feel a bit less stressed.

Mums, with so much to keep in mind, it’s always a much safer bet to put pen to paper. Even with great organisational apps on the market, you can’t really beat the traditional route of keeping a physical diary.

As we’d all like to get a little more organised and efficient in 2019, January is a fresh start and why not treat yourself to a new planner?

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Saturday nights in your 30’s ??‍♀️

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As they say, fail to prepare, prepare to fail.

If you’re aboard the organisation train and you have an unhealthy obsession with stationery, we’ve come across a gorgeous Irish company that design a range of different products to help keep all your affairs in order.

Leanún make notebooks, daily and weekly planners as well as meal planners and baby activity trackers.

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At its helm are three Irish ladies from Cork, best friends who met in college years ago and always dreamed of building something from scratch.

Leanún’s goal is to:

“Help women reach their biggest goals while also staying design focused.”

Their designs are stunningly minimalist and we’ll definitely be placing an order ASAP.