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27th Sep 2017

Jimmy Fallon’s This Is Us sound guy who can’t stop crying is all of us

This Is Us returned for season 2 this week

Keeley Ryan

“This is us!”

This Is Us has finally returned for it’s hotly anticipated second season this week – and while we couldn’t be more excited, we’re also bracing ourselves for a tear-jerker of a series.

And chat show host Jimmy Fallon definitely gets it, as proven by his latest skit.

The Tonight Show  host celebrated the return of the popular drama with a behind-the-scenes This Is Us themed sketch – and it’s filled with plenty of tears, of course.

The scene shows Sterling K. Brown’s Randall and Chrissy Metz’s Kate filming a heart wrenching scene – only to be continuously interrupted by Fallon’s blubbering sound technician, Dale.

It all begins when Randall says to his sister:

“I really think you need to talk about this.

“You can’t keep it all locked inside any more.”

But Kate, who blames herself for their father Jack’s death, replies:

“It’s my fault, Randall.”

Her brother tries to reassure her that she “has to stop blaming herself”, but she counters with:

“I can’t – I’m the reason that dad died and we all know it. It’s not something that you can forget or get over.”

The emotional scene is interrupted by Dale, who is sobbing loudly in the corner.

But he’s kind of (and completely) in denial about the fact that he’s crying – and things get chaotic from there.

He soon gets into a fight with Metz, and even Brown is unable to calm him.

Everyone quickly makes up by the end of the clip – and there’s even a brief cameo from one of the Pearson parents.