The 'Johnny Magory' children's books are coming to Aldi 1 year ago

The 'Johnny Magory' children's books are coming to Aldi

"I'll tell you a story about Johnny McGory..."

It's no secret that we're big fans of Aldi Specialbuys – what did we do during lockdown without the sacred middle isle?! – and we're always excited to see what's coming to our nearest store.

We were therefore buzzing to hear that three books from the much-loved Johnny Magory series will soon be available to buy in Aldi stores nationwide.

Based on the old Irish rhyme, "I'll tell you a story about Johnny McGory. Will I begin it? That's all that's in it," the series follows a young Irish boy and his dog as they embark on adventures and explore Ireland.

Author Emma-Jane Leeson (EJ) says the inspiration came from her own childhood. Each night, her father would tell her stories about Johnny McGory derived from whatever adventures herself and her siblings got up to that day.

EJ set up the Johnny Magory Business with hopes of educating children all around the world about Irish heritage and wildlife. Gone beyond a book series, the brand now sells all sorts of gifts, art, workbooks and journals, as well as offering courses on writing and self-publishing.


Books Johnny Magory in the Magical Wild, Johnny Magory and the Forest Fleadh Cheoil and Johnny Magory Joins the Irish Legends will be available at Aldi from Sunday, June 6 as part of the Grow with Aldi Programme.

Johnny Magory

The programme is "designed to help the very best Irish suppliers develop their brand" and so will stock the Johnny Magory titles – all of which are written, edited, illustrated and printed in Ireland – in all 145 stores for a limited time this summer.

"By buying the book you’re supporting a small Irish business, an Irish author and in turn helping to get Johnny to number 1 in the Irish book charts, which would be such a dream come true for me," says EJ. "Having my books listed in all Aldi stores across Ireland is a huge achievement - another exciting milestone of the Johnny Magory adventure.”