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26th Aug 2019

Man asks his girlfriend to hide her body hair and it causes a huge debate online

Olivia Hayes

Well, obviously.

Whether you shave, wax, laser or let your body hair grow naturally it is completely up to you. Nobody should tell you what to do – especially not your boyfriend.

However, one woman was asked by her partner to hide her pubic hair since they were going to a “pretentious” pool party in Las Vegas.

The boyfriend wrote on Reddit’s ‘Am I The Asshole?’ thread, and there were a lot of mixed opinions.

He began his story by saying that his girlfriend doesn’t remove any of her body hair anymore and he “respects this choice and have never had any problem with it.”

He went on to say that they were getting ready to go to Encore Beach Club in Vegas. “They have a dress code and are notorious for only letting in ‘attractive’ people,” he explained.

“Women go there in bikinis with high heels and a full face of makeup for example. My girlfriend was getting ready to go and I noticed that she put on a bikini.”

“She has hair growing outside of the bikini line area. So when she wears a bikini, the hair on the side shows because it grows somewhere that isn’t covered,” he said.

“When I saw this is nicely pointed out to her that her hair was kind of obvious and suggested that instead she wear one if her swimsuits that has shorts instead. She said ‘no’ that she was good with the bikini she chose. Then as a compromise I asked if she could at least put on a black bikini bottom instead of the pink one.

“This led to a minor argument. She believes I’m being unreasonable by asking her to hide body hair that she has naturally.”

He asked the good people of Reddit to give their opinions, and they were certainly mixed.

One said it’s about public decency more than anything else:

“I don’t think that anyone should be forced to shave, but I also have zero desire to see anyone else’s pubic hair. I think that my boyfriend is the sexiest man on the planet, but if he were trying to go out to a public pool with an amazon rainforest full of pubes sticking out of his suit, I’d say something. It’s inconsiderate to the people around you.”

While another said that there is nothing wrong with pubic hair and she should be allowed do what she wants:

“What is wrong with pubes? None of you seem to have an issue with armpit hair or leg hair – pubes are no different. What about women who can’t afford to shave or don’t have a choice?

“They’re never allowed to go swimming? Don’t tell a woman how she can dress. There’s no line that needs to be drawn at pubes. It’s still telling someone what to do with their body.

“I’ve seen pubes hanging out the side of swimsuits at the pool and yes it is a bit taboo but these are the taboos we should be breaking.”

One more chimed in:

“Is there actually a code that says all bikini areas must be perfectly shaved? Seems like OP is making lots of assumptions.”

What would you do in this situation?


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