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28th Jan 2019

Many parents are using cloth nappies but would you use reusable toilet roll?

Melissa Carton

Like many modern day parents, I’m making an effort to cut down on my family’s waste.

From using reusable cups for takeaway coffees to cloth nappies, I try to be as zero waste as I possibly can.

Some families have begun taking an extra step to stay green by eliminating toilet roll in their home and instead opting for what they call ‘the family cloth’.

The idea behind the family cloth is that families use pieces of cloth to wipe instead of toilet paper.

Some families have said that they only use cloth for number ones but others swear by using them for all bathroom related needs.

The idea has caused some divide on the internet with some seeing it as a great new way to cut down on waste and others think it’s just plain gross.

There are also those in the middle who think it’s a step in the right direction but some of the methods used to execute the idea are far from perfect.

Commenting on a post from Buzzfeed visitors to the site wrote;

“Just wondering about the extra washing and if it is better for the environment then”

Referring to one ‘family cloth’ user and how she uses wipes 50 per cent of the time another wrote;

“Shocked at the use of wipes when she goes to the effort of cloth wipes ! Completely counterproductive.”

I can see the pros and cons of using something like this, particularly in the home, but I don’t think it would work in any sort of public place.

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