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30th Jan 2017

Mastectomy Patient Throws “Bye Bye Bad Boobs Party” Ahead Of Surgery

Amanda Cassidy

What a decision to have to make.

When Sally Chapman from Leicestershire found out she was a carrier of the gene BRCA that increases the chances of developing cancer, she made a drastic decision.

With a massive history of cancer-related deaths in her family, the 29-year-old opted to get both breasts removed.

The rogue gene can increase a woman’s risk of breast or ovarian cancer by up to 85 per cent.

To lift her spirits, she held a “Goodbye bad boobs” party which featured breast cake and a fun-shaped bra pinata.

The secondary school teacher told the Express that she felt she had been given a lifeline:

“It was definitely the right decision for me. Before I never realised how much at risk I was, so having a double mastectomy meant I didn’t have to worry about my breasts again”

She said throwing a party to acknowledge what was ahead was her way of coping:

“I felt better for having the celebrations, as for me I prefer to talk about problems and tell people. My party ending this all was such a lovely feeling, being able to celebrate with everyone who has supported separately at some point along my journey was incredible.”

Sally now runs her blog informing people all about BRCA and wants to work towards helping others to get tested for this gene.