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08th Jul 2021

Mother-of-five accused of shaking her newborn to death in the UK

The 6-week-old infant died in 2019.

A mum-of-five has been accused of shaking her baby to death, Winchester Crown Court has heard.

28-year-old Chelsea Cuthbertson denies murdering her six-month-old son Malaki Watts.

It is believed the infant died of catastrophic injuries that were “non-accidental”, according to reports.

The baby, who was a twin, was found with severe head injuries and 8 broken ribs when paramedics answered a 999 call on February 2, 2019. He was described as being “grey from head to toe”.

He was rushed to Southampton General Hospital, but tragically died four days later when he was taken off life support.

The court was informed about how the mum was complaining about her “whingey” child and told a friend she was “sick” of constantly being with her children.

She has denied the murder charges and told the court her twins were asleep that morning and claimed Malaki was blue when she picked him up for his morning feed.

It is believed the mum sent numerous text messages to her friends, complaining about her children and how difficult motherhood was for her.

One message to her partner read: “(The child) might have a bruise on her cheek tomorrow – the little cow took my glitter eye shadow. I went to take her to her bedroom but the little shit was all slippy so I dropped her and she fell on her face but on her cheek side.”

She also spoke about harming her firstborn. Her relationship with her child’s father is believed to have caused “anger and resentment”, according to Prosecutor Sally Howes QC.

“Her resentment and anger reached such a point that morning she took it out on Malakai, squeezing him around the chest, shaking him and then causing an impact to his head.

“Her intention at that time must have been to cause him to harm even if the catalyst was to take out her resentment on him.”

The trial continues this week.