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08th Mar 2017

This is how much a stay-at-home mum is worth (ish)

Amanda Cassidy

SAHM Stay at home mum

I know…priceless, right?

But seriously, wouldn’t you love to know what it would cost financially to carry out all our daily tasks.

Well, we are in luck as we have created our very own mum’s salary index.

The index rounded up all the different tasks us mums carry out each day and then multiple the number of hours we dedicate to each chore by the minimum wage (currently €9.25 per hour)

Now, we know even mums who work full-time outside the home do a zillion tasks in the evening and we know that at weekends all mums are pretty much flat out constantly.

But humour us with our fluffy mum brain calculations. And we promise to work out a working out of the home mum’s fee too soon.

Our HerFamily Index calculates that out of the 168 hours in the week – SAHM’s are on call for around 84 of them. That’s 365 days of the year.

The odd date night, kids weekend at granny’s and girls day out are ‘holiday days’ which should average around 15 days of the year.

The average wage for a child-care worker is about €10.27 an hour which is €44,000

Other mum tasks such as chauffeur, cook, nurse, teacher, accountant and bum sniffer will add up significantly to an additional €40,000

Don’t forget to add in the costs for consultancy for laundry, organisational psychologist fees and private detective (those nasty sippy cups don’t find themselves) Our completely unscientific index puts this at around another €10,000

That’s €94,000 and we are adding six on because we get overtime for playdates and a bonus for having to smell like other people’s bodily fluids.

A lot.

That makes it a grand total of €100k, wow.

But do you know what’s so much better than 100k cash? When they look at you like you stuck all the stars in the sky just for them.

And when they run straight to you because they believe your kisses are more powerful than plasters.

And when those little smiles, that you know off by heart, light up their faces when you walk into a room.

That is priceless – that is being a mum.

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