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20th Aug 2017

Mum defends herself… for putting her child in a Love Island-themed pageant

Gillian Fitzpatrick

A mum has insisted that she’s done nothing wrong – despite entering her seven-year-old daughter into a beauty pageant with a reality TV show-themed act.

Parents have criticised her decision saying the event sexualises children and is inappropriate.

However, Anita Ross, who is 32, has revealed that her child, Beau, is “obsessed” with Love Island winner Amber Davies and that she relished the chance to mastermind her own LI-centred performance.

Living in Southampton in the UK, Anita stated: “A paedophile will be attracted to children whether they’re in pageants, swimming pools or wherever.

“I’m doing nothing wrong and anyone who says I am is just jealous.”

The event – called Southern Beauties – had been organised by Teenie Pageants and took place recently in Hampshire. Beau’s routine – which saw her lie on a sun lounger and dance to a melody of music – eventually won the contest.

For the act, she also wore a sparkly white bandage bikini. Although custom-made for the seven-year-old, it was very much inspired by the one that Amber Davies wore herself on screen during the ITV2 summer show.

Anita maintains that her daughter “has a similar character to Amber,” adding: “If that kind of personality is in someone, you just can’t change it.”

Beau furthermore sported a full face of make-up and hair extensions. The child had a spray tan done for her act.