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19th Oct 2023

Molly-Mae says it ‘doesn’t feel natural’ to post about Bambi online

Kat O'Connor

Molly-Mae said posting about Bambi doesn’t feel ‘natural’.

Molly-Mae Hague may work as a full-time influencer, but the mum said she doesn’t feel comfortable posting about her little one online.

She explained that she thought she would post more about her little girl, but it doesn’t come naturally to her.

In her latest YouTube video, the former Love Island star explained:

“I definitely don’t put her online as much as I thought I naturally probably would.

“It doesn’t really feel that natural to me. I don’t think ‘I’m going to vlog Bambi now’, it doesn’t really work like that,” Molly-Mae explained.

“I pick up the camera either when she’s in bed or when I have a second pair of hands to help with her,” she said.


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Molly-Mae also said she struggles to find the time to film because being a mum is her main responsibility.

Having someone there to look after Bambi has been a massive help to her, but she said she is strict with her working hours.

Molly-Mae said she films during the daytime when she has help with childcare.

“No matter what that childcare is, whether it’s a nursery, whether it’s at home, I choose to film when in my working hours, when I’m working, when I have helped with Bambi.”

“I’m not afraid to say that, I’m not afraid to say that when I’m in my mom mode, I mean me and Bambi together, just me and her in the house and I have like no other set of hands. Like that’s not when you’re gonna find me vlogging,” she clarified.

We love how honest Molly-Mae always is about motherhood.