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12th Feb 2020

Mum horrified with note school bus driver gave her child asking for hugs

Melissa Carton

This is so inappropriate.

When we send our children to school we are trusting that the adults teaching and caring for them will keep them safe.

The last thing a parent would ever want to find out is that one of the people that they are entrusting with their child’s safety might want to do them some kind of harm.

One mother recently discovered that her child’s school bus driver had been sending her son notes unbeknown to her and the contents make for disturbing reading.

The concerned mum, who wished to remain anonymous to protect her son, found a note in her son’s schoolbag from his bus driver that caused her to contact authorities as well as her son’s school.

Included in the note was the following;

“For some time, I’ve been wanting to talk to you about spending time together… Maybe with some other friends of yours? What do you think? I really want to be friends with you and every once in a while, hang out together to play, talk, etc., Yes! I am a grown up, but I like friendship with kids like you. Tell me what you think, no pressure though.”

The mum also mentioned that the note mentioned hugging her child and that the bus driver asked for a hug from her child before which immediately set alarm bells ringing.

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Between both incidents the mother felt that her child was in danger from this adult and that his behaviour was completely inappropriate.

The school board also agreed that an adult should not be making these requests from a child and the man was taken off is bus route and eventually fired.

Police in the Edmond, Oklahoma area investigated the note but as it is not against the law they couldn’t arrest the bus driver involved.

Thankfully at least he will no longer be in change of transporting young children and it will give this mum and other parents whose children take the same bus some peace of mind.