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12th Apr 2018

Mums are giving out about this ‘messy’ €1.5m house for sale

Jade Hayden

messy house

Ah, lads.

What do you do with your time when you’ve got a bit of it to spare?

Do you read a book? Do you take a walk? Or you spend hours sitting on realtor websites lurking the houses that people are selling and judging them with all your might despite the fact that you could never afford to live there yourself and are also currently residing in somewhere that’s far less plush?

The last one? Yeah same, to be honest.

As it turns out though, we are absolutely not the only ones who do this.

Lots of people on the internet do it too and so for that reason we do not have to feel bad about it.


The latest people to do it are the folk over on parenting website Mumsnet. 

One of the users saw a listing for a £1.25m (€1.5m) house in the UK… and it’s safe to say that she, and everyone else, was less than impressed.

So much so that they took to the forum to essentially drag the house for being messy and the people trying to sell it for not having tidied up first.

This is the house.

Seems like a standard enough gaff, really.

But yeah OK, for that amount of money you really would want something a bit special… and tidied.

“Needs a tidy,” wrote one person.

“God!! I would be mortified if pictures of my home in that state were posted on a property website,” said another.

“I love how in some pictures Bryce just draped towels in the hope we won’t noticed the clutter,” commented someone else.

“£1.2 mill for a small grotty shithole,” suggested another.

“No wonder there’s a housing crisis,” said someone else.

And yeah, fair enough like, nobody’s wrong here.

It remains to be seen as to whether the house has been snapped up by a lucky buyer yet.

Only so much time can pass before somebody purchases it and rents it out to 10 different people for 700 p/m including bills.