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09th Jun 2022

Uvalde student “played dead” to trick shooter using friend’s blood

Ellen Fitzpatrick


An 11-year-old girl has recalled the frightening moments of the Uvalde school shooting last month as she begged the US congress to make changes in their gun laws.

Speaking to a panel of politicians, Miah Cerrillo, a fourth-grader at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, said she played dead to divert the shooter from killing her.

Admitting that she used her friend’s blood who had only been killed moments before to pretend she had also been shot, she managed to save her own life.

Speaking to Congress, she recalled how her class had been watching a film when the gunman burst through the door.

“He … told my teacher ‘goodnight’ and then shot her in the head.

“And then he shot some of my classmates and the whiteboard.”

Speaking in a short video, she added: “When I went to the backpacks, he shot my friend who was next to me and I thought he was going to come back into the room so I grabbed a little blood and put it all over me.”

Saying that she remained silent, once the coast was clear she grabbed her teacher’s phone and called 911.

“I told her that we need help — and to see the police in our classroom,” she said.

Police have been criticised after it emerged that a dozen officers waited outside the door of Miah’s class and did nothing as the children lay dead or dying, with 19 children and two teachers being killed in the shooting.

Miah was asked what she wants to see done, saying she wants more “security” as “I don’t want it to happen again.”

Miah is said to still be experiencing nightmares and still healing from bullet fragments in her back from that traumatic day, her dad Miguel Cerrillo told USA Today.

“She’s not the same little girl I used to play with,” he told the committee.