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05th Dec 2022

Should pit bulls be banned in Ireland? Parents express concerns after recent attacks


Parents in Ireland have expressed their concerns about the rise in pit bull attacks.

According to recent reports, there has been a significant increase in the number of dog attacks in Ireland.

Local councils in Wexford recorded 54 incidents involving pit bulls since 2017.

The Independent revealed that Wexford County Council noticed an increase in attacks compared to last year.

Parents have called for pit bulls and similar breeds to be banned in Ireland.

One tweeted, “It should be completely illegal to own a dangerous breed like a pit bull. There is no excuse for having those dangerous dogs in Ireland.”

“They are a controlled dog here in Ireland for a reason. I would never leave one near kids. There are still several deaths a year here in Ireland which is a small country.”

Another added, “Some people who own dogs need to get the message that dogs are unpredictable animals… even gentle family pets can turn.”

Following the attack on 9-year-old Alejandro Miszan, one parent said pit bulls should be banned from places like parks and housing estates.

One HerFamily reader said;

“Completely irresponsible dog owner. This dog attacked another child 4 days previous. It breaks my heart to see the little boy like this.”

9-year-old Alejandro was left with life-changing injuries after a pit bull attacked him in Wexford last month.

The young boy was rushed to hospital, where he is receiving treatment for his extensive injuries.

His brother told RTÉ that his little brother will never be the same again.

Alejandro’s family confirmed that he cannot eat or breathe on his own. He also has no lower lip left.

His brother said;

“You don’t let a dangerous dog around kids. Kids can’t defend themselves.

“We just hope for the best but he will never be the same again.”

Do you think pit bulls should be banned in Ireland?