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10th May 2022

Karen Harrington says she “did not murder” 2-year-old Santina Cawley

Kat O'Connor

She has pleaded not guilty to the murder of the Cork toddler.

Karen Harrington, who is currently on trial for the murder of toddler Santina Cawley, claims she did not kill the 2-year-old.

During an interview with Gardaí, Ms. Harrington said she would never hurt a child.

Speaking to the court Detective Sergent Clodagh O’Sullivan said the accused was distressed during her Garda interviews.

According to The Independent, Ms. Harrington said, “I would not harm a child.”

She added, “I have never killed anyone.”

“I would never, ever harm no baby. I would harm no child – I am around children all my life. I’ve never hurt a child in my life.”

Ms. Harrington stressed, “I did not murder Santina. I didn’t murder anybody. I have no recollection – I would not hurt her.”

She said she has “no explanation” for what happened on the night of Santina’s death.

It is believed she put Santina to bed on the night of July 5th. Her partner, Santina’s father Michael Cawley, left the apartment to find his cousin in Cork city.

She told Gardaí that she wasn’t taunting the toddler. The defendant claims she put her to bed one or two times during the night.

She stressed, “I did not murder Santina.”

2-year-old Santina died from blunt force trauma.

She suffered a traumatic brain injury that would have put her in a coma.

The little girl also had multiple fractures, as well as damage to her skull and spinal cord.

Yesterday, Assistant State Pathologist Dr. Margaret Bolster said the toddler suffered over 50 injuries.

She stressed that this was not an accident and that the toddler would be in a deep coma due to the brain injury.

She believes the young girl was either struck with something or on something.

The trial continues.