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29th Sep 2017

Nima has just released a handy ‘mums on the go’ makeup brush set

Now this we need!

Denise Curtin

Five brushes, one compact set.

Trying to do your makeup on the go can often be a nightmare. Swapping makeup between bags and trying to stuff all your bulky brushes into one bag, can often end in a disaster. For me, something always falls out or makeup gets smeared from brush to bag… not ideal.

Therefore, we were over the moon to hear Irish gal and entrepreneur, Niamh Martin has designed a five piece brush set for moms on the go.

The compact set features the essential brushes for a quick touch up on the road meaning no more swapping between bags, hooray!

According to the site, the set was created after a Dublin mother’s group titled “Mums Talk” voiced what they needed to get them from “mummy to yummy in super quick time”.

And the results are just beautiful. The brushes all feature a duck egg green leg and soft bristles. The set features a foolproof foundation brush, which calls itself foolproof because it puts foundation on so well, you could do it in the dark. Two eyeshadow brushes, a highlighter, concealer and brow brush also come within the set.

The “mums on the go” pack costs €55 and is available here.