Victoria Beckham won't let daughter Harper out of the house wearing makeup 1 week ago

Victoria Beckham won't let daughter Harper out of the house wearing makeup

Harper may be the next best makeup artist.

Victoria Beckham said she refuses to let her only daughter Harper out of the house wearing makeup.

She opened up about her parenting style and said she won't allow her 11-year-old to wear makeup in public despite her being "good" at it.

Victoria owns her own makeup and fashion line but said her daughter is only allowed wear makeup inside her home.

The former Spice Girls member said she brings Harper to many of her makeup brand launches and fashion events and often asks her to be involved in research projects.

In an interview with The Times, Beckham explained that Harper is already incredible at applying makeup and could well be on her way to becoming a successful makeup artist.

The mum-of-four explained: "She’s been able to do a full face and contour for quite some time. She’s good at doing it very naturally."

Victoria also revealed that if her daughter does well in school, she'll bring her to her favourite place which is Space NK - a luxury makeup and skincare retailer.

The 49-year-old said: "She’s obsessed."



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Not the brows..

While speaking to The Times, Victoria also shared a story about how a makeup artist shaved off her eyebrows while at a shoot for the Spice Girls.

She said her husband David Beckham hasn't seen her without her eyebrows drawn-on because it's the first thing she does in the morning.

She said her makeup essentials and the products she created first, were out of necessity and were inspired by her own makeup mistakes.

The former singer said: "Shaving my eyebrows! When you’re 22 years old and you’re excited that you’re doing a shoot, you don’t think to say, 'Oh, hey, how about you don’t shave my eyebrows?' Then you get to 49 and you’re like, 'Sh*t.'"

Victoria also said that she had laser hair removal on her eye-brows which at the time, seemed like a "great idea".

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