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04th Oct 2023

Victoria Beckham shuts down claims she was ‘too posh to push’

Jody Coffey

“I was told it would not be safe for me to be put into labour”

Victoria Beckham has responded to claims that she was ‘too posh to push’ while giving birth to her and David Beckham’s first-born child, Brooklyn.

In the new Netflix documentary, BECKHAM, which was released today, Posh Spice and her footballer husband open up about their lives, with insights and archived footage detailing their fairy-tale romance, careers, and journey into parenthood.

When Victoria chose to deliver their first son, Brooklyn, via caesarean section in 1999, she was accused of being ‘too posh to push’.

Speaking in the documentary, the fashion designer addressed the claims, saying that healthcare professionals told her it would ‘not be safe’ for her to be put into labour and give birth vaginally.

However, she didn’t go into detail on why it wouldn’t be safe for her.

David Beckham also opened up about suffering from clinical depression when she was pregnant with Brooklyn.

He experienced major backlash when he was given the red card for kicking Diego Simeone before England lost to Argentina.

“What I went through was so extreme. The whole country hated me. Hated me. It changed my life. I felt very vulnerable and alone. Wherever I went I got abuse every single day,” Becks admitted.

David said Brooklyn’s birth was one that was followed by fear as he experienced significant paranoia about their first-born child being kidnapped due to public anger towards him.

This resulted in the now-retired footballer keeping his distance from his son and postpartum wife in order to protect them.

“That night, Brooklyn slept next to Victoria, Victoria was like, come and squeeze on the bed with me, and I said, absolutely not. I’m sleeping with my head against the door because I was paranoid someone was going to steal him.

“It’s meant to be a happy moment, and it was of course, but I was worried. I didn’t want him to come into this life at a time when I was going through what I was going through.”

The four-part series of BECKHAM is now available to stream on Netflix.