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25th Nov 2017

There is now KALE dog food and it’s just all too much

Oh God

Olivia Hayes

Kale dog food… yes, it’s a thing now.

We can pretty much guess what foods our dogs like and dislike. Some stick their cute noses up at unbranded dog food, and then jump for joy the minute a bone is whipped out.

However, this new kale meal looks good enough for a human to eat… but will our dogs actually find it delicious?

The new dog food is made up of chunks of the company’s lamb hotpot, cooked with vegetables and dog-friendly gravy.

It also has green beans, kale, pea shoots, rosemary, pureed carrots and purple sisho.

A post shared by (@tails.com_uk) on came up with this delightful meal as they want our dogs to have the best of the best… but is it too much?

Head vet Sean McCormack said: ‘’Dogs enjoy all sorts of foods and there is no reason why they can’t be treated to an a la carte dish once in a while, they are after all man’s best friend.

“Noodle, who is a cavapoo, loved the lamb hotpot with rosemary, carrots and green beans.

“He is sensitive to chicken and beef so lamb is a healthy, lean protein source important for his growth and development.

A post shared by (@tails.com_uk) on

‘’Carrots and green beans were included because they are healthy vegetables, full of fiber and antioxidants.

‘’The secret to a great diet for your dog is high-quality ingredients, tailored to their individual needs and in the right amount, to keep them healthy and happy.”

Would you buy it for your dog?