Irish parents warned of dangers common seasonal spice poses to kids 1 year ago

Irish parents warned of dangers common seasonal spice poses to kids

Lock up those kitchen cupboards or hang that spice rack high.

The National Poisons Information Centre Ireland (NPIC) has issued a warning regarding the dangers that a common seasonal spice poses to children.

The NPIC is urging parents to keep nutmeg stored securely and out of children's reach due to the danger it poses when consumed in amounts larger than normal culinary use.

Nutmeg, a spice with a "distinctive pungent fragrance and a slightly sweet taste," is commonly associated with the autumnal and festive seasons.

It's regularly used as an ingredient in many kinds of cooked meals or baked goods, as well as a flavouring for some hot drinks, particularly at this time of year.

Dried whole nutmeg seeds are greyish brown in colour, furrowed and somewhat egg-shaped, though in most households nutmeg can be found ground in a jar on a spice rack.



In a statement, the National Poisons Information Centre said: "Accidental ingestion in children of ANY AMOUNT above normal culinary use can cause nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and/or hallucinations and WILL require medical assessment in a hospital.

"Always store nutmeg out of reach and sight of children."

Parents who suspect their child may have ingested nutmeg should call the NPIC on 01-8092166.