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15th Feb 2019

Prince William made a heartbreaking promise to Princess Diana when he was just 14 years old

Cathy Donohue

Prince William made a heartbreaking promise to Princess Diana when he was a teenager.

Prince Harry and Prince William lost their mother, Princess Diana, in a tragic car accident when they were aged 15 and 12 respectively.

Both boys were very close to their mother and have since spoken about their mother’s death and how difficult it was to deal with.

Princess Diana and Prince Charles divorced in 1996 and at the time, the royal family were very much in the limelight.

According to reports, Prince Charles insisted that Diana was stripped of her Royal Highness (HRH) title after their divorce despite the fact that the Queen was said to be happy to allow her daughter-in-law to keep this name.

princess diana

This back and forth obviously didn’t help relations between the couple and at the deal, it can’t have been easy for Diana to have to deal with.

In his autobiography, A Royal Duty, Diana’s former butler said that Diana’s eldest son made her a very special promise when he was just 14.

Prince William said that he would ensure the title was returned to her when he became king and honestly, the cuteness.

According to The Express, William said:

“Don’t worry, Mummy, I will give it back to you one day when I am king.”

Prince William

Diana losing her title meant that royal protocol dictated she would have to curtsy or bow to those who had the title and yeah, we can only imagine how tough that must have been.

The narrator of the documentary, Prince William: Royalty In My Family, explains how William told his mum that agreeing to lose her royal title would help the divorce proceedings move faster but he was quick to reassure her that he would later ensure it was reinstated.

Tragically, Diana died just a year later.

This week was a special one for the Duke of Cambridge as he became Royal Patron of The Passage, the UK’s largest resource centre for homeless and insecurely housed people.

Established in 1980, The Passage has helped over 130,000 people in crisis through its resource centre, homelessness prevention projects and accommodation services.