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08th Sep 2015

Stop everything! Rumours claim Kate Middleton might be pregnant with Baby #3!

Trine Jensen-Burke

Now, breathe in, breathe out and let’s all try to stay calm – BUT; a source just revealed to Star magazine that Kate Middleton is absolutely expecting BABY NO. 3!

Apparently the Duchess is said to be due in “in late April or early May.”

Speculations are already rife that this is why Kate has been absent from some recent royal engagements, including Daisy Dickson’s wedding just weeks ago in August, which sister Pippa attended in her place.

“Kate has the Queen’s blessing to forgo royal duties for at least two months, until she overcomes the threat of sickness,” the insider told the magazine.

Given that little Charlotte is a mere 4 months old (and the fact that the Star has a history of crying “pregnant”…), let’s all try to take this “news” with a little grain of salt. We reluctantly say. As we try to calm our excitement. And stop typing Royal Baby into Google… Guess we’ll just have to wait this one out and see.