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28th Jun 2018

Shannon airport is hoping to reunite a lost bunny rabbit teddy with its owner

Can you help this bunny find his way home?

Shannon airport have put out an appeal hoping to reunite a lost bunny rabbit with it’s owner.

The toy has been with airport staff for the last few days.

My son lost one of his favourite books on a flight a few years ago which we were never able to have returned to us, so I really appreciate how much trouble the staff at Shannon are going through to help a no doubt upset child.

Children usually bring toys with them while they travel for comfort so this bunny is probably very special to his owner.

The post was made on Tuesday and as of yet there has been no news on who this little bunny might belong to.

One commenter on the post speculated that it could be the same bunny that was found at another location a couple of years ago and this toy is a bit of an adventurer.

“Looks like the one that was left in Adare Manor a few years ago. After the way he was so well treated by the staff I’d say he’s hoping for another 5 star holiday.”

Whoever this teddy is we hope he finds his owner soon.

On the other hand if he is a magical traveling bear that would amazing and make a really an excellent movie.