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05th Nov 2021

Simon Harris says the current Leaving Cert model is no longer adequate

He doesn’t believe that the Leaving Cert prepares students for life beyond school.

During a recent meeting with the Oireachtas committee, Minister for Higher Education Simon Harris stated that he doesn’t think the current Leaving Cert model is fit for purpose.

Harris went on to say that he doesn’t think students are learning the skills they will need when they leave school and that the Leaving Cert needs to be upgraded.

Leaving Cert select between exams or accredited grades

Harris addressed the Joint Committee on Education, Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science this week to discuss the issue.

According to theIrish Times, Harris feels that the current Leaving Cert model “does not teach students about financial literacy, digital skills, sex education, or climate skills”.

He also feels that the points system is outdated and needs to be revaluated.

Speaking on the points issue, Minister Harris is quoted as having said;

“We need a fair and consistent assessment system that can give students feedback and a clear understanding of their strengths and talents so they can make reliable choices.”

As well as making changes to the Leaving Cert, Minister Harris wants to ensure that as many children as possible in Ireland have access to further education.

He states that one of his priorities going forward, he said, is to enhance the visibility of further education, as well as training and apprenticeships options for school leavers.

“All of us involved in the education sector should strive to ensure that Ireland has an education system that can adapt to a rapidly changing world and supports people in developing their talents and reaching their full potential.”

The points system has come under question before in the past so it will be interesting to see what changes and improvements Minister Harris decides to make for the new Leaving Cert model.