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02nd Oct 2023

My son is adorable but people keep taking photos of him in public

Kat O'Connor

A mum has expressed her concerns after noticing strangers taking photos of her son in public spaces.

She said her son is an adorable kid, but she has noticed an increase in people taking photos of him without her consent.

She said she recently noticed a young woman filming him in the shop.

The mum told Reddit:

“My son (18 months) is very into shopping. He has the little Target shopping cart and pushes it next to us in the grocery store. We let him pick his fruits and things and put them in his little cart.

“People often stop us to tell us he’s so cute, we accept the compliment, and we keep shopping,” she said.

However, some people take it too far and have started taking photos of her little boy.

“Last time we went, there was a young woman (18-24 ish if I had to guess?) that stood at a distance and was obviously recording/taking pics of him.”

The mum said she understands that her generation is more into filming and capturing content, but she said it made her feel so uncomfortable.

“I get it, it is pretty cute, but I also just felt super icky. She seemed like she was trying to be discrete about it too, and definitely didn’t ask us if we would mind.”

She said she feels so uncomfortable knowing her son is being exploited online and she has no power over it.

“I don’t want my son to be exploited on the internet. I don’t want him to end up on someone’s TikTok or Instagram or whatever.”

Reddit users said the mum should have confronted the young girl.

One said: “Definitely say something to her or anybody if you catch them filming your child. That’s so weird no matter how cute it is.”

Another added: “People are WAY too comfortable taking photos or videos of strangers. It’s so weird.”

One shared: “People under 25 or so have no literally clue about how to act in public anymore due to cell phones. They think everything is worth recording and sharing and have no idea of boundaries.”

Do you agree?