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02nd Oct 2023

Mum sparks debate after revealing how she keeps track of her toddler

Kat O'Connor

A mum has sparked a debate online after revealing how she keeps track of her toddler when out in public.

Trying to keep an eye on your little one in a crowded place, whether it is a park, a supermarket, or a shopping centre can feel impossible at times.

You cannot afford to take your eyes off them for one minute, but sometimes they do wander off, no matter how careful you are.

One mum has revealed how she keeps track of her toddler in public, but people are conflicted.

Mum, Brooke King, revealed to Good Morning America that she uses an Apple Air Tag to keep track of her little girl.

She explained that she disguises the Air Tag as a bracelet on her three-year-old’s arm.

“I always find myself running after her quickly. I didn’t want to teach her that if she ran off, I would just run after her and it was OK to continue this behaviour,” she said.

The mum’s hack sparked quite a debate with many agreeing that toddlers would lose something like this so easily.

Others offered advice like attaching the tag to a shoe or backpack.

One said: “My kids have them in their backpacks. When at Disney we clipped them to the inside of their shorts.”

Another mum said a three-year-old should be in view at all times.

“Using this device to track a toddler is not an alternative. Perhaps using this on an older child might prove to be beneficial,” they said.

One also added: “I have it pinned on the inside of my son’s pants pocket. No one knows it’s there.”

Many pointed out that the bracelet is very easy to remove, especially from a young child.

“To each their own but idk that’s too easy to be removed or taken off so if she likes to run off we’re going to have to rethink some things,” another pointed out.

What do you think of this mum’s method?